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Photographic workshop safari to South Luangwa with David Rogers


Dates  15 – 23 March 2023 | 7 nights (Green season)

Price $ 5932| no single supplement

Location  Nsefu and Nkwali and Luangwa River Camp 

Numbers  5 people in one vehicle

 Highlights leopards, elephants, wild dogs, flooded rivers

Expect warm conditions and some showers

The time of year

February is at the end of the rainy season in Zambia. It is an extraordinary time with big cloud build ups, lush vegetation and the river looking its best.


We will combine game drives, boating and a little walking too. A highlight is the 30 kilometre trip by aluminium boat that takes us to Nsefu. 

What we can expect

I have run these trips more than 15 times and every one is extraordinary and exciting. The herds of animals are abundant and we have always seen lions and leopards and wild dogs are often encountered. The birding is outstanding with many migrant birds and birds in their breeding plumage.

What about rain?

Be prepared for some showers, possibly even a thunderstorm or two, but these are usually very short-lived and they are so dramatic providing amazing opportunities. We seldom miss an activity and the opportunities for flowers, insects, butterflies are everywhere.

The itinerary

The trip starts and ends in Lusaka and we fly for an hour in a pressurised aircraft to the small town of Mfuwe where we meet our guide. We spend our first two nights at Nkwali, which is a charming camp overlooking the river, in a very good game viewing area. In this area we explore by boat and on all weather roads.

We then go by boat into the Nsefu Sector and spend 3 nights at Nsefu which is a legendary camp famed for its remote location, outstanding game viewing. This area is usually for walking and for boating. We will explore flood ed lagoons and forests visit the amazing stork colony.

Our trip ends with 2 nights at the recently refurbished Luangwa River Camp which is well located to explore the game rich central areas of the park. 

Flights Lusaka to Mfuwe return are included

15 March Lusaka to Mfuwe ETD – 10h30 and ETA 11h30

22 March Mfuwe to Lusaka ETD 12h20/ETA 13h30

A meet and greet service is offered in Lusaka. We can also arrange overnight stays at Latitude 15 and other recommended hotels should you require to overnight.

Why South Luangwa with David Rogers?

David has been writing about safaris and leading trips to South Luangwa since 2005. He knows the country and its people very well. All of the guides have been trained by him in photography and vehicle positioning. David offers a warm and friendly hosting style allowing you to develop your photography and enjoy your experience at your own pace.


Dates  1 – 10 April 2023

Price  TBC | No single supplement

Location : Ngorongoro | Ndutu

Group size : 4 people

Highlights : wildebeest migration, cheetah, lion



Dates  6 – 14 June 2023 – 8 nights

Price  $6787 per person sharing

Location Masai Mara, Amboseli Kenya

Guide  David Rogers and expert local guides

Numbers  up to 5 people. 

Expect See the big cats of the Mara and tuskers of Amboseli


Dates: July 2023 | 6 nights (High season)

Price: From $6857 | no single supplement

Accommodation : Nsefu and Nkwali (Robin Pope Safaris)

Group size 5 people in one vehicle

Highlights: mild weather, leopards, lions, elephants

Great time of year

You can’t beat July and August for the comfort of the weather and for great game as the dry season unfolds.


In July it’s often possible to see leopards hunting through the day enjoying the cool temperatures. Lions and wild dogs are also on our target list.

The river and its lagoons

There is usually plenty of water and activity in the lagoons and along the river.

Birding parties  If you are lucky we could see some birding parties with hundreds of yellow-billed storks and pelicans.


The trip includes flights from Lusaka to Mfuwe and from there you will  spend 3 nights at Nkwali in a private concession in the game rich central area. It’s a charming lodge that looks onto the river and is in a private concession.

We will then drive for 3 nights into the Nsefu Sector and stay at Nsefu Lodge exploring this amazing area famed for its leopards, lions and incredible wilderness.

Photographic highlights

Expect great scenery, leopards and some of the best game viewing in Africa. It’s also great to be able to go on foot, and enjoy night drives. 

Why South Luangwa with David Rogers?

David has been writing about safaris and leading trips to South Luangwa since 2005. He knows the country and its people very well. All of the guides have been trained by him in photography and positioning. David offers a warm and friendly hosting style allowing you to develop your photography and enjoy your experience at your own pace.

Shaw Camp, South Luangwa by David Rogers


Dates September 2023 | 6 nights | (high season)

Price from $6852 pp

Location : Shawa Camp South Luangwa

Group size : 4 people in one vehicle

Highlights : intense predator activity, carmine bee-eaters

Expect Hot temperatures


September is a great time to visit. There is usually still some water in the lagoons making for great birding and as vegetation is scarse buffalo and other herbivores start to show signs of stress, predators get the upper hand. Hippos choke the rivers in massive pods.  Thousands of carmine bee-eaters nest in the banks and elephants are on the move. Its not a time for the faint-hearted: clouds are building and temperatures exceed 40 degrees. Expect early starts to beat the heat and amazing photography. 


After flying into Mfuwe from Lusaka, we spend 6 nights at Shawa Camp which was named after legendary guide, and good friend, Jacob Shawa. He was voted one of the best guides in Africa and has worked with David for more than a decade. The camp has a great location to access all areas of the park and has the added bonus of electric land cruisers which make for amazing silent safaris — a real benefit for photographers.


This is one of the Great Game Parks of Africa with wonderful wildlife, amazing river vistas and outstanding guiding. It’s a classic safari recipe that will bring you back.


Dates 15 – 21 November 2022 (shoulder season)

Price $6799

Location Kiri & Gomoti (Machaba Safaris)

Guides: David Rogers/ Shaun Malan

Group size: 6 people in 2 vehicles

Highlights lions, leopards, elephants, dramatic skies

Expect: Hot temperatures and chance of showers

Time of year

The period from November and into December is usually   very productive even though it is the shoulder season. The temperature can be hot, clouds building and it is possible that we will have the first summer showers.

What to expect

We can expect newborn impalas, plenty of predator action and lions, wild dogs, leopards, buffalo, kudu, hippo and spectacular birds. Elephants and buffalo are likely to be in large numbers although they do disperse following heavy rains.

Great guides, awesome landscapes and wonderful camps take us back to Machaba at the end of the dry season when clouds are looming and animals are easiest to find. 


The itinerary starts in Maun and we fly from there into camp by light aircraft. We spend 3 nights in the Gomoti area which is near Chitabe and is is a productive area with excellent lions, leopards and general game viewing. 

We then explore Kiri, in the south western part of the Delta, which is a scenic landscape area. With Shaun Malan as our guide, its hugely exciting. He has an infectious guiding ability and is also a very good photographer. He understands the very real benefits of getting low angles. 



Both of the camps offer game drives, as well as night drives, walking and also peaceful mekoro rides through the Delta giving you a wonderful perspective of flowers, small frogs and birds.

Why the Okavango Delta with David Rogers?

The wilderness experience in Botswana is hard to beat. Here it is possible to drive all day and not see another vehicle. It is a remarkable destination. Going on a workshop with David Rogers and Shaun Malan will allow you to focus your attention on creating unique and interesting photographs while still enjoying the wonders of exploring this World Heritage Site.

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