Special Species

Cheetahs up close

Cheetahs are often found in marginal areas of national parks — away from lions and other more serious predators. We can tell you where.


The Mountain gorillas of Rwanda and Uganda are real bucket list creatures to photograph. We know the best camps, the best families and the best guides to get you there.


Madagascar’s lemurs are some of the cutest little creatures in the world. We can help you find them?


These desert creatures are so inquisitive. We have some great spots where you can see them up close.

Pangolins on your doorstep

This is not an easy one — but we will give you some good places where you can hope to find them in the wild.

Tigers in the Karoo

South Africa has the largest population of tigers outside of India — and you can view them in the wide open spaces of the Karoo.

Wild dog denning

If you see wild dog you can be sure that something exciting is going to happen. We have some great places to go and tips for finding them.