Marine Dynamics in Gansbaai

Ganbaai, Marine Dynamics Ganbaai, Marine DynamicsGanbaai, Marine DynamicsGanbaai, Marine Dynamics

stamp3Why photographers love Marine Dynamics

Marine Dynamics is one of the most established companies in Gansbaai. It has excellent  40-person boats which are stable and are well staffed with volunteers and scientists. They offer cage diving trips (the sharks are chummed into position) as well as Eco trips to see whales and birds.

When to visit

The best season for viewing sharks is in winter (April to October) when conditions are clear and sharks are seen most readily at Dyer Island in the famous shark alley. Up to 7 different sharks can be viewed in an hour. But all year round viewing is possible with sharks favouring the shallows during the summer months. Conditions are highly variable with visibility being as low as .5 meter during the summer months when the sea can be come turbulent. Southern Right Whales are also viewed during winter especially August to October when they feed and breed here before heading back to the Antarctic.

Photographers need to know

Conditions can get choppy out on the water so if you are squeamish take motion tablets before setting out. Time in the cage is limited and depends upon shark interaction but usually you should see one or two sharks from the cage.

What it costs

Rates are from R1600 per person.