Boat Trips

There are some great boat trips for photographers. They are stable platforms that give you great opportunities for photography at sea, on rivers and lakes.

Apex Predators

The best boat based shark watching in the world — especially for flying sharks — is in Table Bay. See great white sharks prey upon seals. There are also large numbers of seals and sea birds to be photographed on this great trip

Hop on Chobe boat tours

Take a boat trip on the Chobe for eye-level encounters with elephants, birds and more.  These trips operate from hotels on the Chobe waterfront.

Marine Dynamics in Gansbaai

For year round shark viewing and seasonal whales off the southern coast of South Africa look know further than this is excellent operator. Great white sharks usually visit these waters throughout the year. Visibility is best in the winter months.


We have more boat trips for photographers coming soon.