Great Photo Experiences

Natural events such as migrations of species are usually driven by temperature and availability of food and water. Whether you want to see the Great Migration, seasonal birds, lush landscapes or even flowering plants, it’s essential to plan well. Take a look at some of the fantastic seasonal offerings in Africa, and let us help you make your plans.

There are also some wonderful photographic-friendly companies that can get you in the air, under the water and into hides to give you a great view on things.

We can also help guide you towards finding special animal species that might be on your list.

Aerial Opportunities

Getting an aerial perspective is a wonderful way of photographing the world.

Boat Trips

Get out onto the water for a fantastic photographic experience. View sharks, whales, elephants, crocs, birds and more.

Great Hides to Seek

Waiting in hides for birds and elephants to come and drink is an awesome experience — and there are plenty of places to choose from.

Photographic Events

There is a lot of good fortune in photography — but being in the right place at the right time is the first thing to get right.

Special Species

What species do you want to photograph. We have exceptional information on some of the most charismatic species out there.