Guides’ Guide to Photography

Can your guides talk the photographic talk? Do they know the difference between finding animals and finding pictures? For the past 15 years, David Rogers has been guiding photographic workshops in Africa and has really learned about what makes an exceptional photo guide.

“The ability to see great images, offer good advice on camera settings, and even help with post-production techniques between game drives can make a great guide even better, ” he says. “When they can offer a bit of humour and their own infectious enthusiasm,  that is when they become exceptional.”

David Rogers has created the Guides Guide to Photography Courses in various easy to follow modules. Each one them is designed to be really useful and offer down to earth advice. They also conclude with multiple choice questionnaire and certifications of achievement.



Our Modules

1. Back to basics – (One day introductory module – 100% classroom)

(basic introduction, whats in the bag, more about cameras, looking after gear, before and after game drive, planning game drives and photo spots, needs of photographers, ethics of photographers, low light shooting, night shooting, stars, creative ideas, image management)

2. Back to basics + (50% classroom/ 50 % field work)

All of the above, plus  practical shooting experience where David will oversee real life situations around the lodge and also in the field.

3. Pixel pro (1 – day 100 % classroom)

Lightroom, processing, image management, panoramas, basic photoshop. Some computer experience required and access to Lightroom and Photoshop.

4. Content hero(1 day – 100% classroom)

Get to grips with writing captions, social media, blogging and becoming a content hero. (100% classroom). Some computer experience required.

5. Advanced Photo Guide (3 days – 50% classroom and 50% field) including all of the above. This is a great option to get your guides really up to speed and let them create great new content for you as part of the course.

What it costs?

Our introductory rate for the workshop is $450 per day (excluding travel and accommodation for the trainer) for groups of 1 to 5 guides. We also invite up to 3 guides at a time to visit us in Cape Town for two days or more where we will provide accommodation and meals as part of the deal.