Zimbabwe is definitely worth a visit. It has always offered great game experiences. Although there is a political downside to visiting here, Zimbabwe is similar to the Africa of 40 years ago—it probably offers the most classic wildlife experience in Africa. Tourism to Zimbabwe benefits people and wild places, and if you have a taste for adventure you are in for a wild surprise. We can help you know Zimbabwe in our journeys section for photographers. We also know its photography lodges very well.


This is the largest park in Zimbabwe covering 14 650 kilometres. There are no natural water sources in the park, and the enormous elephant population is sustained through artificial waterholes. During the dry season from August to October the concentration of elephants at these waterholes is extraordinary, and you can sit in hides and watch family after family stream to the water holes in processions.

Mana Pools

Mana Pools is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a RAMSAR Wetland of International Importance and also one of the most loved and unspoiled wildlife areas in Africa. The park is on the southern side of the Zambezi River and has the spectacular escarpment as its remarkable backdrop. The focus of the wildlife activity is on the waterfront area of the Zambezi, where wild dogs, elephants, buffalo, lion, hippo and numerous plains game come to drink.

Southern Zimbabwe

The Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve and Gonarezhou National Park in the south are excellent wilderness areas featuring great game viewing and interesting history.

Victoria Falls

Until 20 years ago, Zimbabwe was the place to see the Victoria Falls. It has arguably the best views of the falls, especially if you are visiting during the dry season. It is from Zimbabwe that you can best see Main Falls and the Devil’s Cataract. You can also look across to Zambia and see the Eastern Cataract. The Falls are more than 1700 metres wide and 100 meters high and are breathtakingly when you are photographing them on foot from within its spectacular rain forest.

Musango Safari Camp

Musango Safari Camp is on a private island in Lake Kariba. The area has a healthy concentration of buffalo, lion and black rhino as well as some 480 bird species. There are a variety of ways to explore both on land and in the water.