Mfuwe Lodge and Bushcamps Company

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Bushcamp Company by David Rogers

Bushcamp Company by David Rogers


Bushcamp Company by David Rogers

Bushcamp Company by David Rogers

Bushcamp Company by David Rogers

Bushcamp Company by David Rogers

Bushcamp Company by David Rogers


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Why photographers love Mfuwe and the Bushcamp Company

Mfuwe Lodge is located in the best game viewing area in South Luangwa National Park and offers extremely reliable wildlife just five minutes from the gate. It is a great place to start or end a safari, with 18 lodges, which are set under ebony trees a photographic centre, great wifi and air-conditioning. Guests usually stay one or two nights at Mfuwe Lodge and then head off with their guides to the Bushcamps which are remotely located in the south of the park and far more intimate with a maximum of four or five roomsThe camps are glorious and each is very different with views onto lagoons, open plains and with excellent staff that delight guests with unexpected and wonderful dining and activities. Sipping a sundowner on the Kapamba River with my feet in the water and eating freshly heated canapés was a sublime experience. The lodges are:

  • Kuyenda (open June to November) originally a walking camp and is fairly close to the productive game viewing areas south of Chichele.
  • Chamilandu (open June to November) is made up of tree houses close to the Luangwa
  • Chindeni (open May to December) is set on a glorious lagoon and has the best views of the camps including the Chendeni Hills.
  • Bilimungwe (open May to December) is set on an elephant filled lagoon and has an awesome breakfast spot looking onto the Luangwa,
  • Kapamba (April to January) and Zungulila (0pen April to January) are on the wonderful Kapamba River.

Wildlife and Wilderness

South Luangwa National Park is known for its dramatic river scenery, lagoons and a spectacular concentration of leopards. It is also a great place to see lion, wildebeest, buffalo, zebra, puku, impala and kudu, and many other species are found in great concentrations. Mfuwe Lodge with its extremely reliable game viewing, large forests and large herds of elephants offers excellent game viewing very close to camp.  The southern areas are wilder with mopane forests that are home to large herds of elephants, buffalo and lion.  The Kapamba river area draws them in with its clean clear water. It’s also common to find wild dogs in this dramatic landscapes.  For photographers and nature lovers wanting something different, remoteness and a little more freedom, it’s a really great place to be.

Vehicles and guides

Bushcamp guides are senior staff who also work as managers in the camps and are extremely articulate and knowledgeable. The Land Rovers they used were extremely comfortable.

The seasons

In winter, from June to August, the days are crisp, the skies are clear and game viewing is excellent. The temperature heats up in September through to November; it becomes hot and dry and the river becomes shallow. It’s a great time for predator viewing. November is the start of the rains, and it’s still a great time for game viewing and also viewing young animals.  The cloud build-ups are fantastic. I love the green season.


The food was extremely varied and interesting — the best I have experienced in Zambia. My guests, who were wine aficionados, thought that the wine list could do with some refreshing to match the food.

Photographers need to know

The air-conditioned photo room at Mfuwe Lodge was great for workshopping and the game found close to the lodge was amazing.

The good news
Mfuwe Lodge employs great people and looks after them. Each staff member, and there are hundreds, get a special bonus that covers the costs of  one family member to attend school all the way to university courtesy of the company!