Chinzombo, Zambia201403_Luangwa_931Chinzombo, ZambiaChinzombo, ZambiaChinzombo, Zambia

stamp3Why photographers love Chinzombo

Chinzombo is the flagship camp of Norman Carr safaris. It was built to luxury standards on the location of a historic camp and opened in 2013. The camp is set on a 60 acres of private land facing the Luangwa River and had private direct access by boat to Luangwa National Park. The area is well known for excellent predator action and one of the best game viewing areas in the park. Driving safaris and walks are on offer.

How we rate Chinzombo

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Chinzombo at a glance

  • Contemporary, minimalist design
  • 6 villas, one of which is a family unit with two bedrooms and bathrooms, with en-suite facilities, large sitting areas, cooled sleeping area, private plunge pools, and decks overlooking the Luangwa River
  • Main area with pool, dining room, lounge, fire pit, yoga and exercise area, spa
  • Wi-Fi and 220v charging in rooms

The area

Founded as a game reserve in 1938 and proclaimed a national park in the early 1970s, South Luangwa now covers more than 9000 square kilometres and is regarded as one of Africa’s premier parks. The sanctuary lies at the southern end of the Great Rift Valley in south-eastern Zambia and is flanked by the ramparts of the Muchinga Escarpment. Through it flows the Luangwa River, which rises in Malawi and runs for 700 kilometres before entering the Zambezi. Its wild meanders have formed oxbow lakes that provide great habitat for game. South Luangwa is famed for its leopard and also the endemic Thornicroft giraffe, which occurs here in large numbers. There are over 450 species of birds.

The seasons

The camp is open year round. In winter, from June to August, the days are crisp, the skies are clear and game viewing is excellent. The temperature heats up in September through to November; it becomes hot and dry and the river becomes shallow. It’s a great time for predator viewing. November is the start of the rains, and it’s still a great time for game viewing and also viewing young animals. In February and March, it’s a joy to explore the river by boat. Migrant birds are plentiful at this time. Game drives are possible on all-weather roads and sightings of leopards and other predators are surprisingly good. The cloud build-ups are fantastic.

What Chinzombo costs

Chinzombo is a one hour drive from the airstrip at Mfuwe. Rates and best guides can be advised by Photos and Africa

Photographers need to know

Chinzombo is in a great area for game viewing, but it’s location is near the main gate of the park, so you will likely share sightings with other vehicles. But Chinzombo has the best and most experienced guides from Norman Carr Safaris.

The good news

Norman Carr Safaris is one of the oldest tour companies in Luangwa, operating since 1950, and is well respected for their standards and commitment to conservation through tourism.