South Luangwa

This is one of the premier parks in Africa famous for its spectacular river scenery, walking trails, night drives, game drives, riverine landscapes and high concentrations of game, especially leopards. It is in southeastern Zambia and is flanked by the high ramparts on the Muchinga Escarpment, which define the southern end of the Great Rift Valley. While the best game-viewing season is from June to October, the river trips during the Emerald Season are highly recommended. The park is famous for its relaxed, owner-run camps, which are very authentic.


This is without doubt the most sophisticated of camps in South Luangwa but steeped in the traditions of the park.


Photographers and naturalists alike will love the hides and the quiet atmosphere of this environmentally sensitive camp.

Luangwa House

Your own house in the bush — complete with its own photographic hide. Ideal for small groups.

Luangwa River Camp

In the central area of Luangwa — a great jump off point to enjoy stunning Luangwa Wafwa.


In a private concession overlooking the park, with great staff. A favourite for many and open during the Emerald Season.


The oldest camp in Zambia — a national monument — in the best and quietest photographic area of the park.

Tena Tena

A rare mix of classic styling and elegance in the remote and more private Nsefu sector of South Luangwa.