Okahirongo River Camp

Okahirongo River CampOkahirongo River Camp201111_rivercamp_8302Okahirongo River CampOkahirongo River Camp Okahirongo River CampOkahirongo River Camp

stamp3Why photographers love Okahirongo River Camp

  • Okahirongo River Camp has an edge-of-the-world feeling on the Kunene River
  • Spectacular vistas for photographers in the Marienfluss Valley
  • Excellent interaction with Himba people
  • Boat trips on offer along the Kunene

How we rate Okahirongo River Camp

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Wilderness starstarstarstarstar
Lodge starstarstarstar
Guiding starstarstar
Vehicles starstarstarstar
Cultural starstarstarstar

Okahirongo River Camp at a glance

River Camp appears as an oasis in a desolate lunar-scape. The small camp blends well with the environment and features:

  • Five individually decorated, wood and canvas tents and one family suite, each with indoor and outdoor showers
  • Tents have canvas outer walls that roll up to catch breeze and wider views through the netting
  • Infinity pool
  • Central restaurant, bar, game room and library

The area

The Okahirongo River Camp lies deep in Kaokoland in a lunar landscape of gravel plains and ancient volcanic mountains. The lodge is situated at the end of the beautiful Marienfluss Valley and looks over the jagged peaks that mark Namibia’s border with Angola. Wildlife is sparse, but Ostrich, springbok, orxy and korhaans are present. The Kunene River is lined with a green ribbon of winter thorns and palms. This desolate region is home to nomadic Himba pastoralists. The lodge offers river cruises, nature drives, walks and fishing, or just relax in the shade.

The seasons

The camp can be visited year round.

What Okahirongo River Camp costs

Its expensive to fly and a long way to drive to the camp.

Photographers need to know

The Himba people here are used to photographers and there are good opportunities. There is limited wildlife in this area. However its an edge of the world destination for photographers and unique.

The good news

The camp is 100% solar powered.