Mumbo Island

Mumbo Island, Malawai Mumbo Island, MalawaiMumbo Island, MalawaiMumbo Island, MalawaiMumbo Island, MalawaiMumbo Island, MalawaiMumbo Island, Malawai

stamp3Why photographers love Mumbo Island

  • Fantastic lake scenery and landscapes
  • Kayaking
  • Relaxing atmosphere

How we rate Mumbo Island

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 Mumbo Island at a glance

Mumbo Camp strives to be as eco-friendly as possible and minimize its impact on the environment. This philosophy is reflected in everything from the building materials to camp activities. Mumbo offers:

  • 5 double and one 4-bed family unit accommodating a maximum of 14 guests
  • Accommodation in walk-in safari tents or reed chalets, each with en suite bathroom, shaded deck and hammocks
  • Main communal camp area featuring dining area, bar, lounge, and watersport gazebo, all overlooking the beach
  • Solar hot water suspended-bucket showers
  • Simple, rustic and locally sourced furnishings
  • No electricity—solar lighting, paraffin lamps and wind-up torches/flashlights

The concession

Mumbo Camp is situated on its own private island—Mumbo Island, which is part of Lake Malawi National Park. Visitors check in at Cape Maclear, a town on the southern end of Lake Malawi, and catch a small boat to Mumbo Island, which takes about 45 minutes. Mumbo Island, which is about 10 km from the lake shore, is 1km wide and is in a natural state, having never been inhabited. The island’s coast consists of massive smooth boulders and a small stretch of sandy beach. Inland, the island is covered in tropical vegetation. Lake Malawi’s tropical, crystal-clear, turquoise waters are home to an incredible diversity of cichlid fish and offer some of the best fresh water snorkelling and diving on earth. Lake Malawi National Park was the first fresh-water marine reserve in the world in recognition of the unique fish diversity in the lake. Activities at Mumbo Island include swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, hiking or just lounging on the beach. Mumbo is also a PADI registered resort for guests interested in diving or taking SCUBA courses.

The seasons

High season at Mumbo is during the dry season from July to October when the weather is cooler. It’s also popular over the holidays in December and January.

What Mumbo Island costs

From $210 per person per night.

The good news

The camp has exceptional sustainability and green credentials. It is ranked as near flawless in this regard by the book Africa’s Finest.