OngavaMara Explorer Camp Rukomechi Camp201404_Tanzania228Duba Plains, BotswanaGovernor's Camps, KenyaSelinda Zarafa

“I keep telling my family and friends that this was my best trip ever and it really was.
Thank you so much for putting it all together and of course all your expert advice.
I do feel that much more confident with my photography, able to enjoy the whole experience to the full.
I love the bush, that Mopani forest made my heart feel like bursting”
Wendy Vickery, Swaziland (after a South Luangwa trip)

“This trip to the Mara was my best wildlife experience ever”

Barbara Hibben, USA.

“The trip could not have been any better.”

Jeff Smith, USA

“If you’re looking for an awesome photo safari in Africa consider joining one of David’s. I had the best time of my life on one with him in Kenya! Thank you for fabulous memories of our safari forever Dave.”

Marion McCrystal

Following the great migrations in Kenya and Tanzania; the desert landscapes of Namibia; some of the greatest spots in South Africa… Best of all, of course, is the sheer enjoyment of being out in the bush with your camera and in the company of like-minded people. What am I still doing here? I am going to start packing again!”

Maria-Jose Carballo, Belgium

We both thoroughly enjoyed the trip. The accommodation, game viewing, other participants and the photographic aspects of the trip were all excellent. With out a doubt however, the best part of the trip was having David as our guide.”

John Kine, Canada

“I am still relishing in the joy that is Africa. Our trip was truly a life highlight for me and I can’t wait to get back.  Your presence and efforts made it exceptional and we were lucky to have you with us.”

Susan Brickman, USA

David’s knowledge of various camps and lodges throughout the southern part of Africa is unparalleled.  He has helped me plan excellent safaris in Zambia, Namibia, Botswana and South Africa and has travelled with us each time as our guide.  All of the itineraries he’s designed for us have been outstanding with wonderful accommodation and meals, expert local guiding and flawless travel arrangements from one camp to the next.  In addition, David is an exceptionally talented photographer as well as a great teacher and always makes sure we have the best photographic opportunities possible.   We have had so many superb experiences, and so much fun, with him.  He’s a real treasure and a great resource!!

Kathy Richardson, Canada

I think you very much broadened our ‘photography’ horizon in that you gently weaned us away from slavishly ‘machine gunning’ poor innocent animals, and taught us to widen our lenses to include groups and landscape which we hadn’t done before. Our previous obsession with wide open lenses with small depths of field designed to fade everything but that all important eye were revised as we found far more interesting shots with greater depth of field, and inclusive of other interesting aspects. Naturally we have some very lovely shots of leopards but I’m actually more pleased with my landscapes, trees and very special effects. Frankly I think you did a great job in subtly changing and modifying our attitudes which I am very grateful for.
Tony Williams, UK