Last minute workshop specials for SADC travellers

From today, 1 July, hotels and restaurants are opening to exclusive bookings and there are increasingly signs that local tourism will open up. Hoteliers everywhere are preparing their world to get back to business. Of course it wont be the same as pre-lockdown. Sanitary sprays will replace welcome towels and masks will cover the warm smiles of the wonderful hospitality staff. But, the great news is that, there is a chance to get back onto the open road, into the mountains and back to nature and in some cases at a fraction of the normal cost. It’s very unfortunate that international are not able to travel to South Africa at present but things will open up soon. Keeping our lodges busy, staff being paid and also conserving our natural resources are so vital. We urge people to get back into the wild as soon as possible and will be posting great offers on this page to keep you travelling.

Of course, there are risks in leaving your home and exposing yourself to the virus. But staying at home for many, including myself, is not viable in the longer term. But if we are careful, travel to places which are careful sanitised and do not have any comorbidity issues you are potentially more likely to be eaten by a lion in these places than than you are of falling victim to the virus! I am joking of course and urge people to be careful.

Of course, there is the chance that travel may lockdown so we will not be taking deposits on these bookings on the basis that they can be rolled over if there are any cancellation issues.

Mala mala 

Mala Mala SADC Specials

Mala Mala is the premier wildlife real estate in South Africa with a shared border onto Kruger National Park and tens of kilometres of unspoiled river frontage that is teeming with game and predators. The camp was one of the first safari camps in Africa with a somewhat nostalgic old school atmosphere and has exceptional standards of guiding, food and hospitality. The 6 night trip is R47 000 per person sharing. We are holding dates from 14 to 20 October 2020. I regret that this rate is only applicable to SADC passport holders.


Mountains, stars and flowers

The photo workshop will be held on 18 August at Mount Ceder in the Cederberg Wilderness area and we will take a maximum of 6 people. This property, which includes several self contained houses and a restaurant is set in rugged and dramatic mountains beside the Groot River on the edge of the Koue Bokkeveld at the Southern entrance of the Cederberg Conservancy. It is roughly three hours from Cape Town and reached on a spectacular drive through Ceres. The trip coincides with the new moon so there are options to photograph the Milky Way on both evenings.There amazingly clear skies with virtually no light pollution and the core of the Milky Way is perfectly positioned for photography at about 11 pm. We will have tutorials on long exposures, star stacking and time-lapse photography (link for an example) as well as intentional camera movement. We will photograph the amazing rock formations, river reflections, and go on a guided walk with the resident naturalist to see rock art and spectacular mountains. The private house has three bedrooms and a kitchen and is ours to enjoy. If anyone wishes to have further self-isolation there are plenty of other smaller houses on the property, which are available at an extra costs. We will have dinners and breakfasts in the restaurant, a braai, and enjoy excellent meals and wines. There is internet in the dining area only. If anyone is up to it the trip also has a 3-night extension to Namaqualand. I think that you will find Namaqualand’s rugged mountains, charming villages, and famous flower fields are a great place to unlock your creativity. Our tutorials will include various techniques including light box photography, macro, landscape and intentional camera movement. Each of the modules is R7250 per person and this includes all meals and accommodation and activities. You will need to cover your own transport and drinks. Let me know if you require further information. Our 2019 itinerary was a little different but you may enjoy the read