The money shot!

Date: 25, 26, 27 June 2018

Location:  Marina Da Gama


Day one: 9 to 4

Day two: 7 to 2

Day Three:  11 to 6 followed by evening presentation for parents.

Cost: R2400 per child.

Includes: Tuition, lunch, drinks and snacks.

Keen to photograph your school dance or your uncle’s wedding? Do a modeling portfolio for your friend? The next sporting event? Do you want to photograph your house for Airbnb, or some products you want to sell on line? Do you want to give your Instagram account traction? Pictures sell.

David Rogers is offering a 3-day workshop to up skill young entrepreneurs on photography and specifically to help them to develop the skillset to be able to make money out of photography. The course will include the following elements

  1. How to use your camera and essential “off auto” settings
  2. Composition, technique and tricks of the trade.
  3. Basic image library management and workflow
  4. Introduction to processing: Lightroom and Photoshop for photographers
  5. Delivering images to clients watermarking and basic contracts
  6. Managing your social media platforms and portfolios.

During the workshop we will work on Landscapes, action photography, portraiture, architectural photography, events, interiors and product shots. Students will be required to create a portfolio of their work for presentation on the final night.

The workshop will include a short multiple choice test at the end of each section and we will offer a certificate of completion as well as prizes for the best photographs in each category.

This workshop aims to be fun but also to plant some serious seeds about the structure and methodology of creating commercial images. It is also designed to get students to start thinking about using their images commercially and understanding the implications of this.

David Rogers will be leading the workshop with Jon-Erik Munro who is an accomplished photographer, teacher and Photoshop expert.

Anyone on the workshop should have their own camera ( DSLR, point-and-shoot or even a cel phone), a laptop loaded with Lightroom (there is a trial version on the Adobe website) and a tripod if  you have one. I would suggest that you borrow gear for the workshop.

We welcome youngsters between the ages of 13 and 18.

For more information on David Rogers:

Contact us: 0827843309

*If anyone knows of a youngster with special interest and talent who cannot afford this course, we are happy to offer a place for them at no cost. Taking pictures can be a financial enabler, and we are keen to sponsor someone.