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Join a photographic tour of South Luangwa in Zambia on a wonderful trip at the end of the dry season that combines two great camps which are known for wonderful guiding and excellent locations for wildlife action. The timing is at the end of the dry season and the start of the first rains which can produce great drama. We expect

  • A classical safari through one of the finest wilderness areas in Africa
  • Seasonal cloud build ups at this time and very high temperatures
  • Outstanding game viewing and landscape opportunities.
  • Extreme predator action on the river with plenty of young impala
  • An early green flush but not too much bush encroachment
  • Excellent birding with arrival of migrants
  • possibility of early rains can bring drama
  • Carmine bee eaters and large pods of hippo
  • Very good lion, wild dog, leopard, giraffe and elephants

Dates:  10 – 16  November 2019

Availability: Full

Highlights: Carmine bee-eaters, dense concentrations of hippo, lion, leopard, wild dog, predator action, river landscapes, remote locations, great photographic hides

Rates: $4554 per person sharing. No single supplement. (Save over $1000)

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Visit South Luangwa in November with David Rogers and Robin Pope Safaris. The trip is at the end of the dry season and the start of the first thunderstorms, which is a peak time for predators and carmines, and we will be visiting Nkwali in central Luangwa and Nsefu in the outstanding Nsefu Sector. This is the fifth time we have run this trip. Read our blog from November 2018


On 10th November you will need to get yourself to Lusaka International where you will be met by a representative of Tours Africa who will show you to the domestic departure hall. There are two flights to Mfuwe on that day with Proflight to choose from.

10h40 arrive 11h50 ;

and 16h30 arrive 17h40. *DR is on this flight but you are welcome to come earlier

For the next 4 nights you will be staying at Nsefu which is a historic camp in a prime position in the Nsefu Sector of South Luangwa National Park. It is a remote area and a fantastic camp. It can be hot in November but the special solar powered evening breeze airconditioners will keep you cool at night. This area is very good for leopards, lions, wild dogs and fantastic scenery. After Nsefu we game drive for the last two nights where we will stay at Nkwali. Its a great and friendly camp in a very good game viewing area.

On 16th November our flight from Mfuwe to Lusaka departs at @ 16h10 arriving 19h20. We can arrange accommodation in Lusaka at a number of hotels. Protea Towers is very convenient at $370 for two people or we can also recommend the Latitude Hotels for a more sophisticated stay in a very creatively built lodge.

What is included

  • Flights from Lusaka to Mfuwe and back to Lusaka
  • Park fees, accommodation, guiding and all drinks

Add ons

At the end of the dry season, you can combine with

  • Victoria Falls,which is one of the great wonders of the world.
  • Lower Zambezi National Park
  • Liuwa Plains for its annual wildebeest migration
  • The amazing sight of seeing bats in Kasanka National Park

Photographers need to know

  • Luggage limits are 25kg per person.
  • Malaria precautions are required

The good news

The camp is expertly run by Robin Pope Safaris and offers expert guiding in some amazing game viewing areas.

For more read

David Rogers is also the author of books on Zambia

Zambia Landscapes and Zambia Tapestries (Struik)

Zambia Safari in Style (Africa Geographic)

David Rogers writes about his experiences of Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park during the predator season.

On Luangwa

The water has all gone now. And so has the grass… long, long gone. It’s a battlefield out there. Impala totter on twisted legs over craggy, bone-breaking, ground. It’s a tortuous, terrible terrain scarred by heavy elephants and hippos in the wet and now mud baked by the sun.  The hippos tortured by the terrible territorial fights crowd in the shrinking pools. Buffalo stagger in vast herds to drink, slake their thirst and then disappear into the dust.  Lions lie panting and waiting. It is their time. And there are bones in the dust.

Most trees are brittle, brown and leafless. But some are draped with flaming purple creepers while others erupts with yellow flowers. Birds flirt in flashing purple. Carmine bee-eaters shriek and whistle above the mud banks. Crocodiles drag themselves across the dry lands. Everything is waiting for water. And it’s hot.

But back at camp there is cold beer, whirring fans and friendly banter. This is Zambia in November and it’s primitive, wild and real. And it’s hot, so hot. But there are clouds  on the horizon. Broken promises? Will they bring rain, or not? And the smell of it, or not? Rich and life giving, or not?  Termites erupt from their mounds. And the young are born, the grass grows and life begins anew. Or not. This is November in Luangwa.

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