Guides’ Guide to Photography

We are excited to launch the Guides’ Guide to Photography

For photographers, having a guide with the ability to see great images,offer good advice on camera settings, and even help with post-production techniques between game drives can make the experience exceptional. Plus, guides that can blog, create marketing content and do lodge photography offer great value to their companies and their own careers. Photos&Africa aims to provide a very simple, module-by-module training program for with assessment with formal accreditation! Please note that this is aimed at guides that are already qualified and specialised in their own areas but want to be up-skilled in the fascinating world of modern photography.

This is not about turning guides into professional photographers, but rather about helping them get a great foundation in photography. Even experienced photographer-guides can get value from this course. Please note that guides will learn about all brands of cameras from iPhones to top-end SLR and mirrorless gear.

We have a great deal of experience in photographing Southern and East Africa and wish to roll out the program in the coming months starting in Cape Town and including Zambia, Namibia and East Africa as well as Botswana. Guides wishing to be considered for these workshops are welcome to send us applications. And so are lodges. The course in Cape Town costs R2000 per person for a two to three-day workshop (excluding accommodation) and we want to keep this workshop as affordable as possible.  Where possible, we will assist with accommodation and finding cameras. Basic computer skills are required.

South Africa, Cape Town : 10 – 12 October


This is our home town, and it’s a great place to sharpen up skills with great wildlife, seascapes and macro subjects on the doorstep. This Cape Town course is a fantastic opportunity for local guides and those visiting while on leave. Watch this space for the venue. We have also applied to have the course accredited.

Watch out for our upcoming workshops in East Africa, Masai Mara, Namibia,  Zambia and Botswana or contact us if you are interested.

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Photo Guides Introductory Module

  1. Understanding the needs of photographers
  2. Understanding different types of cameras and lenses
  3. Going off Auto and mastering basic camera settings
  4. Bringing out the artist in yourself and your clients
  5. Before, after and during the game drive
  6. Top photo destinations
  7. Settings for specific situations
  8. Finding great angles on foot
  9. Low light shooting and sunset
  10. Night shooting and stars
  11. Helping and advising clients with cataloguing, downloading and storing of images
  12. Introduction to Lightroom and processing of images
  13. Introduction to social media, blogging and becoming a content hero
  14. Ethics of photography

Two to three day workshops include nine hours of classroom sessions and two field sessions. We use multiple-choice questionnaires to assess understanding before grading. The course is suitable for novice photographers, but guides should have basic computer skills. Guides will need a camera (a basic point and shoot will suffice), and we can also help supply cameras if required. Additional modules in Advanced Landscapes, Wildlife and Birds, Lightroom, Macro and Lodge Photography will be offered as extensions to the workshop.