Photography Checklist

Everyone wants to travel light, but its tricky when you are working as a photographer. What photography gear should you take on safari? Fortunately new equipment is getting lighter and lighter, and even a mobile phone works well to get those quick moments. Here are a few tips to consider when deciding what to pack, what to buy and what to leave at home. Remember that it’s composition, not the photography gear that you have, that defines your work. Go for the best photography gear can afford. And chat to us if you want advice. We recommend Orms in Cape Town which offers excellent service.

  • A camera (plus backup if possible)
  • A 300 – 500 mm lens for wildlife
  • Choice of standard zoom and wider zoom for landscapes and people
  • Cables, battery, plus a spare
  • At least 2 x 8 GB cards (more if you want to use as backup)
  • A smart phone (yes — they  take great images)
  • Tripod if you want to try long exposures and stars
  • A laptop to backup your images and for processing
  • Spare hard drive if you want to shoot RAW images and for backup storage
  • Adobe Lightroom CC for working on images (free trial available)
  • Download free Google NIK software (great for black and white)
  • Macro lens and flash with diffuser for small things (advanced)
  • Neutral density filters and graduated filters for landscapes (advanced)
  • Polarisers for summer clouds (advanced)

Useful reading

  • There are excellent Lightroom instruction videos on the internet. I can recommend those by Julienne Kost.
  • Scott Kelby’s book on Lightroom has some good tips.
  • Bring your camera manual as a booklet or as a PDF and also study its contents.

Read David Rogers blog on Landscapes

and also on using Graduated Filters

Read our handy ebook guide Lodges to Landscapes for tips and tricks.

If you are joining a David Rogers safari, make sure that you have a full set of workshop notes including Auto to Artist.

Lodges to Landscapes

112 pages

Currently available as an e-book only. Click below to purchase. We are so confident that you will like it, contact us to try before you buy.

Photographing Lightening

You will need a tripod to photograph lightening