Nikon bodies

Nikon D810
Launched 2014
Weight 880g
Sensor FX (Full Frame)
Recommended price $2,997 or £2,349 or R46,995

Nikon D810 The pros

Nikon’s D810 is currently its highest resolution camera with a full frame, 36.3 megapixel sensor. The D810 also skips the anti-alias and optical low-pass filter used on many camera models with less advanced sensors to prevent certain types of distortion. Without them, the D810 delivers incredible sharpness and image quality. It’s especially good for landscapes. The quality of files from the D810 means that you can make huge prints. You can also subject your photos to substantial cropping and still get usable images.

The D810 offers a frame rate of 5 frames per second coupled with an advanced auto focus system, so although it isn’t Nikons top action camera (that would be the D4s), it’s still capable of capturing subjects in motion. It also features fantastic high ISO performance. The D810 allows you to bring incredibly high image quality to action photography.

The D810 also offers some nifty features like in camera HDR (high dynamic range) and a DX crop mode that allows up to 7 frames per second with smaller files. And it all comes in a camera body with professional level build quality, durability and weather sealing.

The cons

The D810 is relatively expensive and you’re paying more for the high resolution, which you may or may not really need. Along with the high resolution comes very large file size. Memory is cheap these days, so it’s not a major con, but you’ll need to make sure you have big enough and fast enough memory cards and a capable computer to process your files.


Nikon D4S
Launched 2014
Weight 1180g
Sensor FX (Full Frame)
Recommended price $5997 or £4,449 or R93,495

Nikon D4SThe pros

Nikon’s D4S is its top, professional-level, action camera. It’s a favourite for sports and wildlife photographers. It manages 11 frames per second on a full frame, 16 megapixel sensor. If you want the best chance of capturing subjects at just the right instant, this is the camera for you. Speed is about more than the frame rate—metering, autofocus and all the other settings need to be able to keep up to make sure your 11 frames per second actually look good. This is why the D4S has to be so large and powerful. And the autofocus system is excellent. High ISO performance is fantastic as well.

As a professional level camera, the D4S is superbly constructed, weather proof, and ergonomically comfortable. Because the camera is bigger, there is more room for external controls to make changing settings faster and more comfortable.

The cons

The D4S is huge, heavy and very expensive. If you don’t need the speed, you can get the D810 with much higher resolution for cheaper and save some weight in your camera bag. With the D4S’s 16 megapixels, you can’t do nearly as much cropping as you can with the D810. But for fast action, the D4S is king.