Wildly undulating mountain bike rides, steep trail runs, long walks on desolate beaches, thrilling rock fishing, visits to traditional Xhosa villages and balmy weather made Umngazi River Bungalows a really great escape from the cold winter weather in Cape Town.
View of Umngazi River Mouth

This resort hotel on the Cape Wild Coast lies 18 hours drive from Cape Town and we felt like we were a world away.

And on top of that the rooms, service, food, staff and everything else at Umngazi are just hard to beat. Its hard to know whether the kids or the parents had more fun but our three families have already signed up again for 2013 at the same time in the same place. Considering that the cost of the trip is R18 000 for a week including all meals and activities for four people this is very good value.

“If you don’t have a great time here, its your own fault,” says Jenni. We both agreed that this is our most relaxing family holiday ever.

My only sadness is that the buffet intake beat the bike rides and its going to be a long journey back from this to fitness. Also we returned via the Karoo (more of this next time) and its famous lamb dinners and melba puddings have continued my fitness demise. But what fun we are having as a family and exploring our own wonderful country. So many fascinating scenes, unspoilt wildness and fantastic photographic opportunities.