I just love introducing people to Luangwa in the Emerald Season. Our second trip this green season was made up of five friends who have all travelled with me before. They are all experienced bush aficionados, and I wondered how they would react seeing the Luangwa River in full flood and the landscape in its most brilliant green. 


So, after our 7-day trip, which included amazing sightings including 31 wild dogs, 15 lions, 2 cubs, 3 leopards, 2 hyena and innumerable birds, I asked them to give me their impressions…


Arddyn Moolman, a safari expert, pilot and Maun resident who knows the bush intimately said this:

“The Emerald Season was a must for me. The forests, the foliage, the greenery, the light, the skies, the contrasts made it absolutely amazing. There were never-ending opportunities for great photographs.”


Her great friend Margie Wells, an international ballet judge, who has travelled extensively with Arddyn throughout Botswana had this to say:

“It’s wonderful being with people who are enthusiastic about what they do. I also loved the combination of being on the boat and game drives and spending time with such wonderful  people.”


Margie’s son, Chase, who has been working in Botswana for the past year flying for Wilderness Safaris and who is a qualified guide and outstanding birder was equally enthused:

“Safaris in South Luangwa are so personal and family orientated. It’s fantastic to see animals unique to the valley including the zebras, giraffe and wildebeest as well as bird species that were new to me. Trumpeter and crowned hornbill and red-necked francolin were lifers.”


Janet and John Kine who have been on safari with me to Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania and now to Zambia agreed.

“I really enjoyed being on the water and seeing it from a different perspective,” said Janet. “The Nile cabbage and the forests… The trees were so impressive – wild mango, tamarind – spectacular trees.”



 “I really liked the combination of doing things,” said John. “The boat, the walks and the game drives. Walking to the colony was great. Being on foot gave me a feel of the real Africa. We had such variety of experiences.” 


And how lucky for me to be on safari in such a special place with such great people!  Not only did we have fantastic game viewing on this safari, but I will think back fondly on our time together – and will not forget the wonderful stretching classes each afternoon.

We are running more river trips in 2018 and I do hope you can join me there.