Taking our two boys (aged 7 and 8) down the Orange River for a three day 60 kilometre paddle along the watery border that divides the arid landscapes of Namibia and South Africa was a wonderful adventure. Camping under the stars, running rapids, catching fish, swimming, collecting rocks and being together as a family.

What more could we wish for? I can so recommend the experience. We did the trip with Felix Unite River Adventures. A night at their base camp Providence followed by 3 nights on the river was just not enough however. We could have kept going and going. We love adventures as a family and this according to the boys (and us) ranks as one of the best there is. And for R10 000 for a family of four you will struggle to get better value. My only negative was that the river does tend to be a bit crowded during school holidays and suggest that some sort of permit system limiting the size of school groups (we counted 70 in a group) would make it all a great deal better. The photo was taken with a 10 second exposure at night using a Nikon D800, a 24 – 20 mm and a rather shaky gorilla pod seemed to capture the mood of our first night.