Three reasons a photographic workshop beats a solo safari

The hidden benefits of a photographic workshop

Besides our much-loved photographic workshops guided by David Rogers, Photos & Africa books safari holidays for our clients all over Africa. Of course, you can visit many of our favourite photographic destinations on your own, at a time most convenient for you, and we’re happy to help organize […]

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Blooming marvelous: Exploring the Western Cape flowers by motorhome

The flowers this year might be the best ever. Worried about not getting accommodation; why not consider visiting by motorhome? Not only does it give you amazing flexibility to follow the flowers, but it also gives you great options for having picnics, taking a rest at the side of the road, or even using the […]

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When bigger is not better?

Everyone loves fast glass (lenses that go to f2.8 or f4), but for photographers that don’t want to carry heavy gear in the field and when weight limits are an issue, there is a great deal of sense in looking at lighter alternatives. After experiencing a bout of shoulder trouble, I have put aside […]

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Getting the shot…

Film-makers and photographers can be a competitive bunch—as the world gets saturated with traditional wildlife photography, people are pushing the boundaries to get the next great shot. They are manipulating nature quite widely, getting closer than ever to their subjects and using new technology to capture unique angles and behaviours.  It’s an exciting time for […]

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Getting framed

It is said that an image has no value until it’s printed, signed and hung.

The first and most difficult step is to choose the image — usually graphic images are the most effective. And you might consider black and white options as they tend to go best with interiors.

Processing for print requires skill and […]

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