Zambia’s Secret Season

Zambia’s Secret Season

Safari rules say the dry season is best for spotting game. But if you visit the Luangwa Valley when it rains, you can explore by boat when the river is high, the flowers are blooming, the wildlife teeming and there’s no one else around.

By David Rogers published in Getaway Magazine, 2017

When it […]

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The whales have arrived: First hand account from underwater specialists

It’s August and southern right whales (so named because they were the right whale to catch) have arrived at the Cape coastline and may be viewed and photographed in Cape Town, Hermanus, Gansbaai and De Hoop and further up the coast at the Garden Route. While most photographers take their images from land and […]

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Getting framed

It is said that an image has no value until it’s printed, signed and hung.

The first and most difficult step is to choose the image — usually graphic images are the most effective. And you might consider black and white options as they tend to go best with interiors.

Processing for print requires skill and […]

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Nikon or Canon – the debate continues

The best camera is the one that you have with you when something happens! Others will say that all cameras are good as long as they are black! Then there is the endless debate about whether Nikon or Canon are top of the pile. Having used Nikon for the past 30 years starting with […]

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Some great top tips for photographers


I really liked these top tips for shooting by Brian Johnston – Photography Round Table

1. Shoot in the golden hour
2. Add weight to your images with foreground
3. Find a different point of view
4. Shoot action
5. Be patient
6. Transform the ordinary
7. Creative lighting and use the blue light after sunset
8. Backlighting
9. Look for details
10. Tell […]

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