About David Rogers

David Rogers (the founder of Photos and Africa) has been documenting African landscapes and wildlife for the last 30 years as a writer and photographer for numerous travel and environmental magazines and as a photographic guide and teacher. He was born in Cape Town, and still lives there with his wife, Jenni, and two sons Liam and Dane. He has more than 15 books and 100s of magazine stories to his credit.

10 things to know about Astro-photography

Use the widest and fastest lens that you own. I use my Nikon 14 – 24 mm which I set at 14mm.
The most prominent part of the Milky Way, called the Galactic Centre and is usually at a great angle and not too high in the sky in the months of May […]

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Nikon Z6 & Z7

I have been very keen on getting a buddy for my D810 and the D850 was my first obvious choice especially as it offers great video with live view focus and tracking. But everything is a trade off and when I started looking at the Z series …  things got interesting.

The Z6 is about […]

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Graduated filters for landscape photography

You need a graduated filters for landscape photography
Land is always darker than the sky and capturing the dynamic range (so you can keep detail in the sky and also in the foreground) is a challenge for photographers. Although modern digital technology such as Adobe Lightroom offers a host of tools to pull details out […]

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Photographic trip to Woodstock Art


Photography walks in Woodstock Cape Town are an opportunity right on our doorstep.

On Saturday afternoon, as the busy streets of one of Cape Town’s oldest suburbs became subdued, David Rogers, Jon-Erik Munro and three school boys  joined Shadeed Haroun, of Juma Tours, for a photo walk through the hood.

The photography walk in Woodstock was […]

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South Luangwa Photographic Workshop

November is a fascinating time to be on a photographic workshop in South Luangwa. It’s the end of the dry season and the impressive clouds that rise above the winding river created amazing photographic backdrops for the action that unfolds.  We had  amazing photographic opportunities in the Nkwali and Nsefu areas. Our final drive […]

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