South Luangwa Photographic Workshop

November is a fascinating time to be on a photographic workshop in South Luangwa. It’s the end of the dry season and the impressive clouds that rise above the winding river created amazing photographic backdrops for the action that unfolds.  We had  amazing photographic opportunities in the Nkwali and Nsefu areas. Our final drive […]

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10 tips to turn your holiday into a creative experience.

When I take photographic safaris, I often suggest to clients to imagine that they are working for a magazine and photograph and document the full experience of the safari. I did the sort of work for many years as a photographer for Getaway, Travel Africa and Africa Geographic and learned to photograph not only […]

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Zambia’s Secret Season

Zambia’s Secret Season

Safari rules say the dry season is best for spotting game. But if you visit the Luangwa Valley when it rains, you can explore by boat when the river is high, the flowers are blooming, the wildlife teeming and there’s no one else around.

By David Rogers published in Getaway Magazine, 2017

When it […]

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Essential Luangwa Feature


Written by David Rogers (2017) and published by Travel Africa Magazine,

When I first visited South Luangwa, in north-east Zambia, in 1995, I was captivated by the meandering river, majestic forests and patchwork of beautiful lagoons — not to mention the staggering concentrations of wildlife. Since then, I have returned twice a year or […]

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Looking for Paradise

Seychelles is picture-perfect paradise in many ways. It has white sands, blue waters, palm trees, and richly forested mountains that provide sanctuary for one of the rarest species on earth.  Its the holy grail for salt water fishermen and those seeking the ultimate island experience. So Jenni and I were thrilled to […]

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