Looking for Paradise

Seychelles is picture-perfect paradise in many ways. It has white sands, blue waters, palm trees, and richly forested mountains that provide sanctuary for one of the rarest species on earth.  Its the holy grail for salt water fishermen and those seeking the ultimate island experience. So Jenni and I were thrilled to […]

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Three reasons a photographic workshop beats a solo safari

The hidden benefits of a photographic workshop

Besides our much-loved photographic workshops guided by David Rogers, Photos & Africa books safari holidays for our clients all over Africa. Of course, you can visit many of our favourite photographic destinations on your own, at a time most convenient for you, and we’re happy to help organize […]

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Safari aficionados loving the Luangwa Emerald Season

I just love introducing people to Luangwa in the Emerald Season. Our second trip this green season was made up of five friends who have all travelled with me before. They are all experienced bush aficionados, and I wondered how they would react seeing the Luangwa River in full flood and the landscape in its […]

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An Emerald Season Adventure in Luangwa


For the past 12 years, my photographic river journeys down the Luangwa River have been the highlight of my year. Not only do I love the Valley, the wildlife and the people here, but this time of year, which is called the Emerald Season produces such wonderful photographic opportunities. Our first group for the […]

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What’s to love about Pafuri?

Pafuri—it’s a legendary destination, and I’ve always wanted to visit. It’s also pretty far off the beaten path and not the sort of place you pass by incidentally. The stars aligned in December, and I finally got a chance to visit Return Africa’s Pafuri Camp. This property was once run by Wilderness Safaris, but […]

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