SA’s finest bush and beach


Nowhere in Africa is bush and beach better protected, in my experience, than in Northern KwaZulu-Natal. As a Getaway journalist, from 1995 to 2000 I explored  Hlhuhluwe, Umfolozi, Mkuze, Ndumo, Tembe, amongst others regions and was so impressed by conservation practices. The region is experiencing a drought at present and rhino poaching remains a […]

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On Luangwa

The water has all gone now. And so has the grass… long, long gone. It’s a battlefield out there. Impala totter on twisted legs over craggy, bone-breaking, ground. It’s a tortuous, terrible terrain scarred by heavy elephants and hippos in the wet and now mud baked by the sun.  The hippos tortured by the […]

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Getting the shot…

Film-makers and photographers can be a competitive bunch—as the world gets saturated with traditional wildlife photography, people are pushing the boundaries to get the next great shot. They are manipulating nature quite widely, getting closer than ever to their subjects and using new technology to capture unique angles and behaviours.  It’s an exciting time for […]

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Scouting Zimanga’s special photographic hides

Zimanga has earned its reputation as a photographers reserve over the past few years. I was interested to research it for Photos and Africa and went there with a group of friends from Cape Town on a last minute trip to see what it was all about. Read our formal Zimanga hide review here.

We […]

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Getting framed

It is said that an image has no value until it’s printed, signed and hung.

The first and most difficult step is to choose the image — usually graphic images are the most effective. And you might consider black and white options as they tend to go best with interiors.

Processing for print requires skill and […]

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